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Our mens jockstraps are fashionable, fun & ready for life

Mens jockstraps were originally designed for sport, to offer a practical solution to protect and support men during vigorous activity. However, these days men wear jocks for fashion and everyday life. The shape of the jockstrap, enhances the appearance your bulge and allows your package to fall in its natural position. Jockstraps are extremely comfortable - they reduce chafing and adjusting whilst enhancing your assets. Its easy to see why more men are embracing the jock.

Choose the color & design of your jockstrap to fit your lifestyle

At MrJockstrap we design mens jockstraps in a variety of styles and colors to allow you to a choose jockstraps to suit your lifestyle. Our Jockstar mesh jockstraps are great for the gym and everyday wear. Our Bare&Bone fetish jockstraps are perfect for the bedroom.

Jockstraps that are designed to allow your package to hang naturally 

Our Jockstraps have contoured shaped pouches, which enhance the appearance of your bulge by allowing your assets to hang free. Compared to traditional underwear which tightly compress, resulting in a flat uncomfortable bulge. If your looking for a little extra support to boost the size of your bulge our underwear is designed to accommodate our Bare&Bone Enhancing cup which will comfortably cushion your package. We are starting an underwear revolution by designing affordable sexy underwear. Gone are those plain, soulless, vanilla boxers, welcome to underwear which is fun, sexy and enjoyable to wear.

Free yourself from boring underwear with MrJockstrap

We are small underwear company, with big ideas, great underwear and affordable prices. We love jockstraps, love our customers and love talking about it. We are different to our competitors, we focus on providing the best quality jockstraps at the cheapest prices, combined with great customer service. We have warehouses in the USA and the UK offering fast shipping.